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September Art Hop: Bee Joyful


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September Art Hop: Bee Joyful


featuring Bee Joyful Reusable Food Wraps

Bee Joyful in action.

Bee Joyful in action.

These wax wraps are changing the way we store food. Made of beeswax and fabric, these reusable wraps can be molded to fit and preserve produce again and again. They can be folded into portable, sustainable snack bags. They can save your leftovers from being tossed in the trash without the waste of disposable packaging! And, best of all, they're so much more fun than traditional plastic wrap.

Say goodbye to toxic plastic wraps and hello to healthy, reusable, Earth-friendly natural wraps!
— Bee Joyful

A single mom of five, Jessica of Bee Joyful uses sustainable, locally sourced beeswax and American made fabrics to create her food wraps. Each piece is made by hand--with a little help from her kids.

"I was raised in a cabin deep in the forest near Allegan, Michigan," Jessica says. "My parents were big believers in being Earth-friendly, self-sufficient, and living simply, so my roots in sustainability run deep.

"We were “off the grid,” meaning no electricity and no running water. I learned a lot about being resourceful. When you grow up without modern amenities, you discover your true creativity -- something that I’m thankful has stuck with me through the years. My grandmother used beeswax wraps as a way of sealing food long before plastic wrap was invented."

Now, Jessica and her children are still interested in being sustainable and resourceful.

"Sustainability, being Earth-friendly, leaving things better than how you found them, are all lessons I’m teaching my children," she says.

Stop in Friday, September 8 from 5 to 9pm to talk with Jessica, try the wraps for yourself, and enjoy free wine and snacks as usual.